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    Azona Electronics – Permanent Magnet Generators

    It has been the endeavour of Azona Electronics Pvt. Ltd. since its inception in 2008 to usher into a technological regime that is clean and green and thus reduces the carbon footprint from the face of mother earth. For this overload of carbon is killing the human race slowly and silently and it is essential to arrest it for bringing about the seamless balance between man and nature.

    The technological innovation has been led by Mr. Prashanta who is an eternal scientist a pioneer in the field of Permanent Magnet Generators, a man with a mission who now has to his credit three path breaking patents which have been published. The details of which are as under :-

    Experienced in Permanent Magnet Generators:

    • 1. A static power generating device (nij urja bike)
      Patent Application Number : 201611022858
      Publication Number / Journal Number : 29/2016
      Youtube : https://youtu.be/WCQNXXySvgE

    • 2. A self sustaining pump (nirantar dhara)
      Patent Application Number : 201611023630
      Publication Number / Journal Number: 32/2016

    • 3. Patent Published : A System and method for Power generation( STHIR URJA )
      Application Number : 201611027979
      Publication Number / Journal Number : 36 / 2016

    • At Azona electronics we believe that rare earth permanent magnets are the future and so understanding them and harnessing their power is at the core of Azona. Our relentless effort over the last 10 yrs has equipped us with the knowledge and wisdom to make Permanent Magnet Generators ranging from 25 RPM to 3000 RPM


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